• Top Page Test

    Now, a top page is under test.

  • Delicious!

    Bread dough is taught after a long time, and it is steamed bread now. (2014.1.31)

  • The season of love

    The black cat similar to Mimi of my home loves to a rust cat! (2014.1.29)

  • It withers in winter

    To the leaf which withers in winter Self is piled up 65 years old of today (2014.1.28)

  • Pizza of an oil sardine

    Bring the fennel of a veranda. I had the pizza of an oil sardine burned (2014.1.26)

  • This morning …

    A Spring cabbage, a new onion, and the salad and kiwi of Purple-stem mustard are attached to the bread of ...(2014.1.25)

  • Put rape blossoms and wakame seaweed on Japanese noodles fully.


    Today's arrangement flower is very gay! (2014.1.19)

  • Like of Mimi

    On the cat bed put on the kitchen which the sun put from behind the coulds at last, basking in the sun...

  • Coffee and the croissant

    It is the coffee and the croissant of a deep eye and is teatime.

  • 柿栖でおなます