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  • This morning ...

    It is a source of a walnut and the garlic pickled in soy sauce in it having been sultry of cabbage and the lemon...(2001.10.30)

  • Today

    Last lunch society of this year (2014.10.27)

  • Lunch of the "sucre sale 2"

    Terrine of a potato and the sardine (2014.10.26)

  • Lunch of the "sucre sale 3"

    Sabayon source of the tomato flavor made with salad of gougere (2014.10.26)

  • Lunch of the "sucre sale 1  Fragrance bubble of the potage bacon of the uncrowded pumpkin. The paste of the tartine chick bean of the homemade bread and the vegetables of the season expand(2014.10.26)

  • This morning ...

    Knackebrod of a walnut, the raisin. Salad of rucola and the carrot. Homemade soybean milk yogurt. (2014.10.25)

  • The branch

    Soup of the chicken and apple (2014.10.18)

  • Porch of October

    A calyx of Annabell whom a flower was scattered to is good again (2014.10.13)

  • .

    Total eclipse of the moon (2014.10.8)

  • This morning ...

    Campagne, salad, fruit of the pumpkin Potage (2014.10.5)