Nice Shop “WORK STUDIO in form”

Tatsumigaoka gardenplace WORK STUDIO 1F in form

 岡崎市東明大寺町15-7 TEL:0564-87-2871

There was an occasion of work, and he was surprised for the “MUJI” of Tatsumigaoka which dropped in after a long time to change completely.
“MIJI”, and some fashion-related stores, interior shops and fast food restaurants were selected. It was renewed by the compound shop ” WORK STUDIO “
It is an interior shop instantly. It is a frame frame to the merit of the display sense which employed space and color efficiently as well as goods, such as furniture and miscellaneous goods, although “in form” had been peeped into.
Those who are interested in interior design I wanted to also let an interior coordinator and you who have looking-obtained “share-gaki” know, and materials have been collected from you.
“in form”, such as furniture, lighting and kitchen goods, a fabric, etc. the products offered of ” are [ the good thing ] also the ease of choosing for a while
Moreover, the wind of a new time was felt being the same as that of ” UNITED ARROWS ” of Harajuku performed before for the store form.
The good thing was found.
The handle of the iron used for the drawer and door of furniture is an image apt at dough box of a friend’s house under construction, or the door of door receipt.

『無印良品』と、いくつかのファッション関連の店舗やインテリアショップ、スープ・カフェがセレクトされた “WORK STUDIO” という複合ショップにリニューアルされていました。
さっそくインテリアショップ 『 in form 』を覗いてきましたが、家具や雑貨などの商品はもちろん、
空間と色彩を生かしたディスプレイセンスの良さにワクワクもの。インテリアに関心のある人や インテリアコーディネーター、『晒柿』をご覧頂いてる皆さんにも、お教えしたくて取材してきました。(マテリアルごとの写真もあります)

in form 』 は、家具・照明・キッチングッズやファブリックなど「いいものが少し」の品揃えが選び易さにもなっています。
“こんなものが欲しかった” に出会えるショップです。