Nice Shop “PALPÉR”


9月17日、un neuf さんのお隣にオープンしました。
シンプルなデザインと抑えた色使いが嬉しい Shop です。

“kiln china studio” is superintended.
The store of Ms. Fumiko ceramist and Suzuki opened next to un neuf on September 17.
PALPÉR is the meaning of “palpating, touching and confirming” with French.
The thought with if what takes in its hand,
touches and sounds the heart with slight accuracy in a feel can be looked for is put.
Fixtures is with the work of Mr. furniture craftsman and Nakanishi.
The floor was DIY in the paints with which persimmon juice was mixed.
the wabicolor of a white wall and fixtures the vessels of a life placed
with the sufficient sense in the color space shine
Ceramics, glass, woodwork, etc. arrange of the writer’s of a friend’s work,
and also sell the miscellaneous goods of a life.
A simple design and the stopped use of color are glad. It is Shop.
How about going to find “a life of a oneself color ?