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Hydrangea of a light green

2011 , 11 / 22 by share-gaki //

It bloomed in the end of summer. Hydrangea of a field “fireworks of Sumida” Flower which colored in light green Still better.

夏の終わりに咲いた 畑の紫陽花“墨田の花火”
薄緑に色づいた花は さらにいいわぁ


2011 , 11 / 21 by share-gaki //

“The panna cotta and ginger syrup of brown sugar” are tried !



2011 , 11 / 20 by share-gaki //

The flower already bloomed to the strawberry.
It may carry out by accident and may be able to harvest a strawberry before the year end.


Pie of an apple compote

2011 , 11 / 8 by share-gaki //

Pye of the compote of an apple of a “Uchida coffee store” (Gamagori) first appearance . The piecrust carried out quickly, the inside cloth of the texture carried out gently, and an apple compote are exquisite! Not daring to use the cinnamon felt it fresh.

『内田珈琲店』(蒲郡)初登場の りんごコンポートのパイ
さくっとしたパイ生地と ふわほろとした食感の中生地 ワイン煮のりんごが絶妙
あえてシナモンを使ってないそうで 上品な味がした


2011 , 11 / 4 by share-gaki //

Camembert was inserted dryfig and greening tea time.

チーズを挟んだ干し無花果と青林檎で ティタイム

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