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Red pussy willow

2012 , 2 / 28 by share-gaki //

Inside of an Indian summer day,
The red pussy willow has also been offered on a mother’s deathday.

小春日和の中 母の命日に赤いネコヤナギも供えてきた

Spring of balcony

2012 , 2 / 25 by share-gaki //

Clematis which finished blooming, Giant Butterbur, The ivy which waits for a sprout, Takasago lily, The bud of Cymbidium goeringii, Broccoli



Brassica campestris

2012 , 2 / 24 by share-gaki //

Rape blossoms of the early spring eaten after watching for a while.
しばし眺めて食す 早春の菜の花

Fried rice of Chinese cabbage and maitake mushrooms, Brassica campestris are floated on the soup of the oyster of kelp stock. (2/22)

小松菜・舞茸の炒飯と  昆布だしの牡蠣のスープに菜の花を浮かべて

He awakes in the early morning in a rain sign.  12 ℃ of balcony temperature this morning. Although it is warm It is a stove and is brassica campestris risotto rattlingly. (2/23)

雨の気配で早朝に目が覚める 今朝のバルコニー気温12℃
暖かいけど ストーブでコトコト菜の花リゾット



The third phase of rape-blossoms series,The pasta of brassica campestris and maitake mushrooms. (2/24)

菜の花シリーズ第三弾は 菜の花と舞茸のパスタ

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