It has been to the field of a mountain village after a long time. A fruit is already attached to prickly ash, The blueberry and the Christmas rose were in bloom. Akko’s Christmas rose is a dark red color. Kumin’s first Christmas rose to bloom was pink. A Gyoiko cherry tree may be seen this year. A feeling says very much the early morning field labor which a bush warbler cries and it covers.

山椒に早くも実が付き ブルーベリーやクリスマスローズが咲いていた
Akkoさんのクリスマスローズは臙脂色 初めて咲いたKuminさんのクリスマスローズはピンクだった
鶯が鳴きわたる早朝の畑仕事は なんとも気持ちがいい